Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mall owners going for the revenue share model as retail rentals fall

Citing the slowdown in the economy, both mall owners and retailers are in troubled waters. Mall owners who are following the model of fixed rentals are worried due to 20-25 per cent fall in retail rentals. On the other hand, with market going slow, retailers have to watch their profits and are finding it difficult to pay fixed rentals.

The industry experts say that in such a scenario revenue sharing rental model works best for both retailers and mall owners. There could be a mix of fixed plus variable charge where fixed sum may be based on the brand equity of the mall while variable sum would be the share of revenue generated by the retailers agreed among both the parties. Such a model is practiced by various mall owners and is easy on pockets in both the good and bad times.

The whole article can be read at The Hindu Business Line

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